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Jacob Fund
How you can help

There are many ways to help Acadiana's homeless pets:

If you are looking for a new Canine or feline Family member - adopt one from a shelter. Rather than buying one from a breeder, save a life! There are many purebred dogs in shelters, even puppies.
You can see our adoptable Dogs and Cats here, but if you can't find what you are looking for, try one of the other area shelters. Click here for Links.

Most of the people working for our cats and dogs are Volunteers with various levels of involvement. We are grateful for every bit of help we can get, there are always more things to be cleaned, maintained, or trained. There are regular Routines or more irregular help, or special events.
Check out our Volunteer Opportunities

Live too far away from our shelter location? Locate your local shelter - they may need some help too

A shelter like ours goes through lots of food, cat litter, cleaning supplies and other items. We welcome donations, like needed Items from our Wish list or Monetary donations, so we can refill the items needed.
We also use Kuranda beds for our cats and dogs - a donation of one made here is directly shipped to the shelter!

Donate to the Jacob Fund
Created in Memory of Jacob, a delightful Yellow Labrador, who lost his life to heartwrom disease, a preventable and treatable disease.  A large number of dogs that come into our shelter are infected with this disease and are treated before adoption. Treatment is expensive and takes a few weeks, sometimes requiring more intensive and personal attention and care.

How to help in your own neighborhood
Spay and neuter your own pets
Train your dogs to make them better family members and better ambassadors for dogs and their owners
Assist your friends and neighbors in taking care of their pets, when in need
Volunteer at your local animal shelter and get your kids involved too, its the best way to teach compassion and humane treatment of animals

Help Someone in Your Community alter their Pet
SpayNation has a cool "Chip-in" Program where you can donate to help get a specific pet Spayed or Neutered. Participating Owners have detailed their circumstances and their needs, so you can choose were to help!

Help these Pets stay with their owners and help stop more unwanted litters!

Chip In!

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