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Welcome To Lafayette Animal Aid

We at Lafayette Animal Aid want to provide animal who are abandoned or on streets a loving home to help give them a loving home.


We want to make sure that we have access to animals which require home rather than breeding them for the purpose of bringing new animals.


We want to find the animals which need help and have them neutered or spayed to control the population and make sure that they survive.


  • Providing happy homes for these animals.
  • Helping them enjoy a happy life with their humans.

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Our Pets

We have different kinds of pets who were abandoned or tortured. We have a variety of animals which can make it easier for you to find the pet which matches your needs.

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Volunteer Opportunities

We say the many the merrier, not in case of animal breeding. We are trying to build our team with enthusiasts who are ready to help these babies find their own homes as well as help them thrive until they are adopted. Thanks to Window Tinting Sebastian for helping us out recently.


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Our Works

We are not just trying to save them; we are also trying to teach people about the dangers of breeding animals and how we have a lot of kittens waiting to be adopted rather than breeding animals to produce more of them.

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Recent Project

Here are a few examples of our works. Click on the video provided below and see our team in action, saving a cute little pooch and his life back to recovery. If you want a nice pet sign American Sign Letters can make you a beautiful on.

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